maandag 12 juli 2010

Now that that's over with...

Ah, the joys of soccer. As mentioned before, I'm not really into watching anything sports-related on TV. Anyway, the WC seems to be over and we lost, and I don't care a bit. Here's hoping that everyone will quickly forget it, so I won't be confronted with unnecessary whining anymore.

And face it, Spain got a well-deserved victory. Yeah, even I know what happened, and face it, every other soccer player would probably do the same thing, because of the huge amount of idiot DNA they possess. But really, what the vector did drive Nigel de Jong to display his karate skills mid-game?

On a slightly happer note, Paul the Octopus seems to have been right after all. Wait... This shouldn't happen. I wonder how many people believe that the octopus is some kind of divine being. It just shows again how stupid people can be. It's good marketing for its aquarium, though.

Quote: "Soo zetta slow!" -Sho Minamimoto

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