woensdag 10 november 2010

Things I learned.

People say experience is the best teacher. It's true.

Do never sit in the front of the bus when it's raining. The windshield wipers make an obnoxiously loud noise and you will always think something's moving just out of range of your sight, resulting in you being unable to focus on your book.

Even though there is a smoking prohibition in the bus, always be prepared for the seemingly impossible.

No matter how glad you are you finally can leave the bus, do not inhale deeply as you stand in the center of a crowded, smog-clogged city. Your nausea will get worse.

When you see a book with the title "Berry the Blueberrybear" do not open and read it. It is better to leave and think it's awesome than be disappointed.

5 minutes into that moderately interesting tv program you zapped into, there will be a commercial break.

Only after you notice something people will make it obvious. Really, I thought Kevin was Kelsie's real name for about half a year.

So yeah. In any case, I emerged all the wiser. Yay.

RM: After Mary Magdalen witnessed the resurrection, she went to France to preach to the desert people.


Wait, what?

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  1. I'm a cool kid and was stalking your profile on SparkLife. Why on earth it took me so long to discover this, I'll never know...

  2. I'm with Kevdawg.

    You've got yourself a new follower. (:



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