donderdag 29 april 2010

First. Post. Ever.

Hello there.

Inspired by some friends of mine, I also started a blog. In the case you're wondering why it sounds so awesome, I blatantly stole it from Edgey. Just like her, I don't have a clue what to put up here, so I'll just summarize what has happened today.

So I woke up all excited, because this was the last day before the May Break. Tomorrow's Queen's Day, something Dutch you guys probably don't know/care about, except maybe when you're British, because of similar circumstances. Anyway, my last seminar today: We got a list of texts and e-mails that dr. Schmidt saved, and we had to guess whether they were written by boys or girls from their writing style. Yes, that's what you do when you study English at university-level. Our group was the third best out of our entire grade. Unfortunately the second best and the best group sat right beside us, so there was not much glory for us.

Then I went home, went on MLIA for a bit, and now I'm typing this as I'm about to go to athletics practise.

Which brings me to an end, and also to this. (which I also deftly stole from fellow Sparklers)
Quote of the day:
Steven: It could be either. I'll fill in "She-male."

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