zaterdag 1 mei 2010


Hi there~

At athletics practise last Thursday I finally reached the 1 meter 65 cm. I've done it before, half a year ago or something, but this is the first time since. Anyway, this is not the milestone I was talking about. It's the fact that I've been called the laziest sportsman EVER! I was overjoyed to hear me getting complimented with a paradox.

The fact is, I don't really do much during practise. I'm not a professional or something, but my coach says that I can jump really high, if I just would put some effort into it. However, even without any effort, I managed to reach 1,65. Which greatly annoyed the rest of the group. I'm just not that motivated.

And now for something completely different: My birthday's Friday already! And it's at the same date as Aly! What a coincidence. I just don't have any idea what I want. People have already started asking me for my wishlist, but anything I want is either too expensive (new electric piano!) or too impractical, (I need a couch for the room I'm going to get when I leave home) or too inconvenient for my parents. (I'd like to have a Wii, since they're awesome, but well, I would hijack the TV preventing the rest of the family from watching soccer, which I personally hate.)

...And that's it for today. If anyone's actually reading this, please post birthday present ideas in the comments!

Quote of the day: Wow. That... THING is incredibly fat! -Me, about my guineapig Maxy. (his guineapig-cave-mate Doodle is incredible slim, by the way. She should borrow some weight.

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