zaterdag 15 mei 2010

You've got mail!

Yeah, REAL mail!, not really. But people should write more letters, they're cooler than e-mail. Just like cookies are more awesome that e-cookies, and cabbages are... wait, never mind. I don't like cabbage.

HINT: I totally ripped this off SparkNotes.

but, yeah. If anyone wants to send me a letter, e-mail me for my address. (Oh, the irony, but I can't just leave my contact details out in the criminal, criminal internets)

So much for this early post. I'm too sleepy to come up with more stuff to put here.

Quote of the morning: I'm going to get eggs. No, I don't care that we already got six eggs. Maybe we need more eggs this week. It's never a good thing to run out of eggs. *goes out to get eggs and krentenbollen* -Dad, on eggs.

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