donderdag 20 mei 2010


Look at the sky! It's all... blue and stuff! And what's with the temperature? It's so HIGH!

It's around 23 degrees Celsius over here at the moment. What am I doing here? I should be outside.

So, a lot of things happened today, so I'll just give a summary of this day schedule-style!

7:00 - Wake up. Parents ring bell and shout it's time for breakfast.
7:30 - Actually get out of bed. Eat breakfast with my brothers who are just as lazy as I am. Admire the thermometer since it shows promise.
8:00 - Read new volume of Liar Game. Someone uploaded like 20 episodes yesterday.
9:30 - Begin with Medieval Literature homework. Boring.
10:30 - Leave for the station, spend the bus trip reading "The Eight." Valentine seems stupid so far.
12:15 - Workgroup's starting. It was useless.
13:00 - Workgroup's ended. Walk to Groningen Station together with Froukje, try to make it to the bus in time. Complain about how it's too hot.
13:15 - Sigh miserably if the bus I want to catch passes by, hoping that the driver's a nice guy and lets me in when stopping for a red light. It worked, although the driver wasn't a guy. Read "The Eight" until I get home.
14:15 - Admire the temperature when cycling home. Hear from my brother that my elderly neighbor crashed her car into ours. It now has a bump in it and the left rear light is broken.
14:24: Publish blog about today so far.
14:25+ - I trust the future me has some other cool things to do. How should I know.

Quote of the day: "Really, I meant 'deixis.' Did I say 'deicide'? I didn't mean it. Really. Or did I?" -Dr. Schmidt, on phonological registers, genres, and styles.

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