donderdag 13 mei 2010

Fear my mad translation skillz.


A few weeks ago, we all had to re-translate a poorly done translation of Dutch into English. In other words, it was a text stuffed with Dutch idioms that no American/Englishman/General non-Dutch person would understand. The text was the Little Thumbkin-fairytale, by the way:

'By God,' the parents said as they came to foreshine, 'how have you ragged him that?' - 'No art on,' said Thumbkin and explained what he had done. 'If you want to be rid of us you will have to stand up a bit earlier.'

Yep, exactly. Yay for Dutchisms. So I used a lot of British idioms to make up for that:

“By Jove,” the parents said when they saw the group of kids. “How’d ya do that?” – “It was as easy as falling of a log,” Thumbling said, and he explained his clever scheme to them. “You need to be smarter than that if you want to dispose of us.”

And it probably appealed to ms. Jansma. Aren't I awesome? It was a shared victory, though. Another team of 3 also won. Congrats!

...Just wanted to let ya know.

Quote of the...week?:

Rienk (my brother): Lately I play the piano more than Erik!

Everyone else in the room: But he's still better.

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