zondag 9 mei 2010

Hello again!

Sheesh. Keeping up a blog like this is harder than I thought. Now to ponder what to put here...

It's the last day of the May Break, and I've been procrastinating the entire time. The result is that I have to prepare a presentation AND hand in a 1200-word essay by next Tuesday... and I haven't even started yet. I've been busy with my birthday, (At the same day as Aly! ...and the Prime Minister.) and Arjan's birthday, and... well... playing my favourite games, I guess. Time sure flies.

Tomorrow will be a painful wake-up slap... but hey. Just three more weeks to go and then school's OVER. And by over, I mean exams. A lot of them. But actually I think three weeks is really short. I mean, the year isn't even halfway through and the summer break starts already? Summer itself won't have even started yet. It's time to get a job. Does any of you need an experienced piano player?

Quote of the week: "Oh, the water wasn't turned on yet."-My dad, on how surprisingly silent our new dishwasher is.

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