zondag 6 juni 2010

Sarcasm mode, activate!

It's ranting time!

Ah, Sunday evenings. The time where the entire family eats a dinner-like meal while watching TV. Yeah, that's our Sunday. Sometimes it's quite nice, but lately the only programs on were... um... "Selling houses with Phil and Kirstie" or something like that and Hell's Kitchen. Seriously, that's NOT the kind of stuff I prefer watching at weekend's end.

Then, in one of the many commercial breaks (Although apparently not as many as in the USA) it said that Forrest Gump would be on tomorrow. When I suggested that we'd watch it, the events that happened could be best described as "flame-war." My ENTIRE family has never even heard of Forrest Gump, and they all said it was s stupid movie. Oh joy.

Quote of the week: "Everyone was supposed to make 50. I did 70, just in case. My other team members did 15, 17 and 20 respectively." -Peter, on his assignment.

Clarification: Peter studies something mathy. They had to look up houses for sale on the internet, and list helluva lot of details about them. Just looking up one takes about 15 minutes. If I were him, I'd ditch the group. Seriously.

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