zondag 10 oktober 2010


You know what people say when they're caught lying, right? "I wasn't, I just left out some unimportant stuff." Well, with the recent increase of people not lying *cough* in this country, Here's TWO posts!


Monday 4th: Woke up at the usual time. I'm supposed to leave for college at approximately 9:45. Nothing at all happened when I got there. I waited for lecture to start, and talked with friends about uninteresting stuff totally unrelated to syntaxis. The lecture was so childish, like I don't know the difference between "him" and "himself." After it finished, I took the bus home again. Yay for 1-hour school days. Not.

Tuesday 5th: I was bored even before literature seminar started. A two hour long rant on Shakespeare is not exactly something to look forward to. The guy discussed King Lear with us, including pushing an imaginary someone off an imaginary cliff.

Wednesday 6th: Course I previously dubbed "holiness and sin" because I assumed that was the correct translation. (I get my schedules in Dutch, obviously) It's actually called "Saints and Sinners" which provides nice alliteration, but still is a dubious name for a course. An annoying woman behind me responds to everything anyone says with "mmhm," so it's never really quiet in this seminar.

Thursday 7th: Syntaxis again. This time the seminar. We're supposed to do the homework for today, since she assumed no one bothered to finish it. She's right. Wasted hour.


Monday 4th: Woke up way too late, as usual. Left for college in time and got there in time. First and only lecture of the week: Syntaxis. It's so damn helpful, I didn't even know there were grammatical relations like that. Oh, did I do this before? Great, that means I already know some of it. Hour well spent. I leave for home to start on the homework she assigned.

Tuesday 5th: Literature seminar! The guy who teaches this is awesome. Last time he made the class re-enact dr. Faustus, this time he recites King Lear, complete with attributes.

Wednesday 6th: “Saints and Sinners,” where we analyze the Bible as a work of literature instead as a code of living. Is Christ a tragic hero? What was this character’s motivation for that thing he did? Where is Waldo? Hilarity ensues sometimes.

Thursday 7th: Syntaxis seminar. I still don’t know the solution for the problems given in the lecture, but fortunately we’ll be working on solving them today. I’ll go confidently into the midterms this year.

So, was last week boring? Fun? Interesting? Meaningful? See, truth is relative.

NOTE! Because no one has said anything quoteworthy in the last month I'll stop doing it! Instead I present you with a random Random Musing every time. Enjoy!

RM: I thought the main character in The Karate Kid was a girl until I had been told it was Will Smith's son repeatedly.

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