donderdag 23 september 2010

Can you believe it?


Here I was, happily preparing for my Syntaxis seminar, which I so looked forward to. (has anyone seen my sarcasm hand? I seem to have lost it somewhere very high up.) After some frantic checking if I indeed did complete all assignments, I grabbed my bicycle and went to the station full of goodwill. You know, the birds were singing and the sun was shining, etc. (Did you know birds only sing to get others to perform the Horizontal Avian Naked Dance with them? Never mind.)


I was shocked.

Didn't know what to say.

The bus, which is supposed to leave at 8:50, departed from the station right before my eyes. AT 8:45. 5 minutes too early. How could he? HOW COULD HE! *breaks down*
So yeah, I missed my Syntaxis seminars. Not that I mind, we didn't do ---- in there. But still, it stings.

Also, the first episode of Glee recently aired here in the Netherlands. It's quite awesome, really.

Rienk: My new Informatica teacher is really weird. I think he might be dyslectic.
Me: *sips tea*
Dad: Well, computer geeks are a special breed, you know.
Me: *sips tea*
Rienk: He pronounced my name as [mispronunciation]!
Dad: Yep. As dyslectic as a door.
Me: *leaves*

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