vrijdag 17 september 2010

The American Dream

America. The land of possibilities. The land of freedom and equality. The land where a paper boy can become billionaire, as long as he puts his heart in it. And lastly, the land of technology and development.

While this may or may not be true (Fact remains that you Americans always get stuff before us) the view people in my direct surroundings appear to possess a slightly distorted version of this. Based on that, allow me to reintroduce this post:

America. The land of possibilities. The land of freedom and carefreeness. The land where everyone gets rich without breaking a sweat. And most importantly, the land where people eat Pringles for breakfast and pizza for dinner. Without utensils. Every day.

(Before you begin pelting me with whatever you're currently holding, let me state this is in no way my opinion. Except if you're holding an Ipod. You're free to throw that.)

Yep, what some people here wouldn't give to live in America. They've started Twittering, Hyving (Our pathetic equivalent of Facebook. I dislike both.), and buy a piece of technology for every little thing possible. Also, look at me. I've started keeping this flappin' blog.

So, are they right and is this post just a waste of space, or are you slightly taken aback by the weirdness I've to cope with? Don't hesitate to leave something in the comments!

Quote: *anonymous 1*: We've gotta split these four pizzas with five people, so everyone gets 1/5th part.
*anonymous 2*: ...Huh?
*anonymous 1*: Okay, think a clock. Everyone gets 12 minutes.
*anonymous 2*: ...What's a minute?
Me: *decides to post this*

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I actually had pizza for supper yesterday...

  2. But I hate pringles! Please! I'm not like the others!! **dramatic NOOOOOOOO!**



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