zondag 12 september 2010

It's over.

Guess who's featured on the OT?

Today's the last day of summer vacation. It should have ended last week, but due to some shenanigans involving subscription for courses, which was partially my own fault, I wasn't egligible (what a strange word) to follow the first week. So yeah, it starts now. I'm taking my second year of English Language & Culture. Yay.

So, what else is there to say. I didn't do anything particularly interesting in the last few days. Hang on and let me check that SL post about blogging. That should make it awesome.


Uh, not helping, jgrudzy.

Then, the somewhat less interesting things. I spent the last weeks making cake, going to athletics practise, putting a cap on a guinea pig, and have been trying my hands on a particularly difficult piano piece called the "Demon Fire Etude" Something tells me I could have known beforehand that it was diffucult. And I watched a little anime series called 07-Ghost which has the most epic music ever.

And that's it. I guess real life will start again beginning tomorrow.

Quote: (literally taken from a Guild Wars chatlog)
Valant: So, how do we proceed?
Bryan: Careful pulling, scrape edges, be careful in general.
Valant: How about we just charge in while shouting our names as battle cries in a needlessly dramatic fashion?
Bryan: Point taken.

Note: My character's name is Valant Con Lune. Which sounds French but doesn't mean anything noteworthy.

Oh, and for good measure, jay:

Since it supposedly makes this post more awesome.

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  1. I LOVE BRANIAC AND IT'S CARAVAN EXPLODINGNESS! Erik, you just got even more epic. :D


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